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Porsche Club Malaysia : 10 Reasons Why Night Drives Are Awesome

22 Feb 2022

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1. No traffic. No hustle & bustle. Relax & enjoy.

2. Silence of the night. Just listen to your Porsche.

3. Look at the city in a different dimension. City lights up.

4. Turn it into a romantic drive or a with fellow Porsche drive enthusiasts.

5. Play your favourite tracks.

6. Stop somewhere to makan by the roadside or mamak for late night supper.

7. Be yourself - who cares what you're wearing, pyjamas, shorts, slippers!

8. The Night Air - bring the windows down and feel the breeze.

9. You and your thoughts.

10. Get awesome photos! The night lights bounce against your Porsche.

So many great drive routes around, perfect for our Porsche drives.



Credits @at903.autography