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The President of Porsche Club Malaysia, Datuk Ali Abdul Kadir takes Nadine Fernandez on a speedy ride through his currentand future plans for the club.

Entering the driveway of Datuk Ali Abdul Kadir’s residence, one will notice that he has not one but two Porsches parked in his garage. The first is a black Turbo while the other is a silver GT3 and yes, both are manually driven. Sleek and gleaming, these monsters of speed take my breath away and just
based on aesthetics, I am a fan.

The owner of the two marvels is one of the founding members of Porsche Club Malaysia which came into action 11 years ago. “I was made Vice-President at first but then left the club after three years of service as I was rather busy with work,” he says.

Those in the business and finance sectors would remember Datuk Ali as the Chairman of the Securities Commission, a post he held for five years before retiring in 2004. Prior to this, he was the Executive Chairman and Partner of Ernst & Young.

“I did re-join the Club as its President three years ago and have been active ever since,” Datuk Ali continues. .
How did his keen interest in fast cars start? He says that it was a sighting of a speedy beauty while he was an impressionable young adult in form 6 that got him hooked. “I was in college when I saw one of my classmates hop into a bright red sports car,” he says, disclosing that the car belonged to the guy’s brother who was a Chartered Accountant then.

“It was then that I knew that I wanted to be a Chartered Accountant (despite being in the science stream) and that kind of car was exactly what I was going to get for myself when I achieve success,” he says.

As we know, that dream did indeed become a reality. As for the club, it formed in June 1998. “A group of Porsche ownerenthusiasts met after office at Autonet Sdn Bhd and decided to set up a club for Porsche owners throughout Malaysia,” indicates Datuk Ali, adding that a pro-tem Committee was duly elected and set to work to form the club.

"All Porsche drivers have one thing in common; it is that we believe it is more than just the ownership of an iconic sports car"

After much hard work, the club was registered on December 23rd 1998 under the Societies Act 1966 and since then, the Club has grown from strength to strength. As for the club’s many activities, Datuk Ali happily indicates, “The Club holds frequent track-days. We originally started meeting up at the Shah Alam Motor Racing Circuit in Batu Tiga, Shah Alam, Selangor but we have now moved to the Sepang International Circuit(SIC).”

“I remember the Club members making a convoy to the Sepang circuit; we were amongst the first to visit the SIC when it was still under construction!” he

remembers. “In addition to the track visits, we hold frequent get-togethers such as Sunday morning drives, petrol-head gatherings, annual ‘Drive-Of-The-

Year’ events where we cruise-drive to neighbouring countries and last but not least, we have our Annual Dinner & Dance, of course,” he elaborates.

Another activity that the club organises is its inter-marque golf tournaments, which according to him was always won by his team!

He also proudly announces that in 2000, the Club organised the Porsche World Golf Challenge, in conjunction with the World Cup of Golf, which was held at the Mines. He says in jest, “We didn’t invite Tiger Woods to play at the event as he was not a Porsche owner! Perhaps the next time!” Elaborating about the ‘Drive-Of-The-Year’ event, Datuk Ali says, “Essentially it is when other Porsche Clubs within the region agree to meet in a common country and we cruise through to each of the participating countries country together”.

The Club actually set a record last year when it held a successful Drive-Of-The-Year to Chiangmai, Pai and through the Golden Triangle from Kuala Lumpur. It was a whopping 2,000 km journey each way!

“So far, it’s the longest drive by a motor-car club in Malaysia on record,” Datuk Ali reveals, beaming.

Recently, the Club was given the honour of appointing YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as its Patron. “This is especially special just for the fact that Tun has always been a keen motorist and likes to drive his Porsche Cayenne,” he says. “He would often take part in our Club events.”

Obviously proud of the club, Datuk Ali further indicates that it has taken part in motor racing and won! “Our Club members have earned distinctions this way. Our past-president, Aminuddin Omar and Dato Azman Yahya won the Malaysian Motorsports Series in the premier Supersports category in 2005 and 2006 respectively,” he says.

“Yours truly has also won the Open Category of the 2004 Merdeka Millenium Endurance 12-hour Race.”

“The latest win was by Dato Mokhzani Mohamed and his team mates in the 2007 MME Race. Chin Jit Pyng’s son, another club member, also won the Class A, MME in 2006 and 2007, with Chin himself coming in second!”

Datuk Ali then adds with a laugh, “There are other achievements but they can’t all be recorded, for we don’t want the other car clubs to get too envious!”

By way of a message, he says, “I urge you, if you are a Porsche owner, to join our club, The Premier Motor Club in the country!”

He concludes, “No matter what age, profession or nationality, all Porsche drivers have one thing in common; it is that we believe it is more than just the ownership of an iconic sports car. It is about having passion for all that the Porsche brand represents and reflects.”


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