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For those that couldn’t, or didn’t, attend let me start off by saying “Sorry Mate, you missed out on one of the great drives of the century”. Where else in this world can a convoy of Porsches drive high speed for close on 4,000 KM, through spectacular terrain, without any major breakdown or incident? We should all enjoy it while we can. Local & regional traffic control will eventually catch up with the rest of society.

Day 1 started with a little trauma, with a delay at the frontier (by “he who should know better”), a linkage problem on Jo’s 993, which was fixed for the cost of 2 bags of kacang, and of course my late night effort in helping the locals clear one of their padang. My 928 was forced off the road, at 160kph, by an overtaking lorry caused the car to slide off the road, over a ditch and into an overgrown padang. All I can say is that Porsche made their cars tough 25 years ago.

Day 2. A couple of the group, Raman, David & Co, along with support team, Fazli & Mugu, stayed back in Hua Hin to help me repair the broken hoses on the 928. The late start meant we had the opportunity to enjoy some high speed night driving to Nakhon Sawan.

Our small group left Nakhon Sawan in the early morning to catch up with the rest in Chang Mai for the drive to Pai in the afternoon. Day 3 was the ultimate driver’s day. Starting the day with a 4 hour run at the break of dawn, then finishing the day with a very convoluted drive through the mountains to Pai, was a driver’s epitome.

A full day of R&R in Pai allowed the adrenalin to catch up with the rest of the system. The group did their own thing – from elephant & moped riding to scouting the markets.  Pai is certainly worth a revisit.

On Day 5 we all convoyed to the Golden Triangle, bypassing Chang Rai, and debunked at the luxurious Anantara resort. The limited time allotted in our schedule meant we weren’t in a position to fully explore the Golden Triangle – again, well worthy of a revisit.

After the driving excitement of the 1st 5 days, the rest of the trip, with respect to adrenalin humping motoring, was quite bland. The combination of fast highway driving, intense mountain driving, and fantastic company is something which is extremely hard to beat.

All those who participated should pitch in to organise DOTY 2008 and make it an even more memorable affair – if that is possible!!

Garry Adams
’82 Red 928S (slightly bruised)


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